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The 2012 NGHH Diss Track Tournament

2012-06-20 12:44:03 by RRStudios

The 2012 Newgrounds Hip-Hop Diss Track Tournament
We've started out with 16 dope MCs in this one, and all of them deserve some credit just for entering! Unfortunately though, there can be only one winner. The main prize is $100. The final round is here! It came down to just two dope MCs, two underdog 3 seeds in Justin Simon and TK, Taylor Kelly.

WINNER: TK (Taylor Kelly)
2nd Place: Justin Simon
3rd Place: Wyze Stingray

Final Round:
(3) TK vs (3) Justin Simon

Round 3:
(1) Wyze Stingray vs (3) TK
(8) Knuklez (Disqualified) vs (3) Justin Simon
WINNER: Justin Simon

Round 2:
(1) Wyze Stingray vs (4) Matic Attack
WINNER: Wyze Stingray
(2) Jakobe vs (3) TK
(2) Fat Beats vs (3) Justin Simon
WINNER: Justin Simon
(6) Ax Tekk (Disqualified) vs. (8) Knuklez
WINNER: Knuklez

Round 1:
(1) Wyze-Stingray vs. BYE (Disqualified)
WINNER: Wyze Stingray
(6) Shef Cook vs. (4) Matic Attack
WINNER: Matic Attack
(7) E.J. Spark vs. (2) Fat Beats
WINNER: Fat Beats
(3) Justin Simon vs. (5) Mickey Mao
WINNER: Justin Simon
(2) Jakobe vs. (7) Rezzy Tip
WINNER: Jakobe
(3) TK vs. (5) RECAP (Disqualified)
(1) Obsideo (Disqualified) vs. (8) Knuklez
WINNER: Knuklez
(4) Tragedy vs. (6) Ax Tekk

For more info, ask your questions here or go to the Facebook Page.

Go subscribe to the YouTube Page as well.

If you're a producer and you want to submit a beat to be used for this tournament or any future battles, post a link to in the comment section of this News post. If you're an MC or a producer who wants to be aware of any future competitions and/or collaborations, comment here or private message me.

The 2012 NGHH Diss Track Tournament


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2012-06-20 13:09:47

#hashtag #numbersymbol ##

RRStudios responds:

You read my FB statuses after all! *cries tears of joy*


2012-06-20 13:58:49

Oh, well I guess I'm in this tourney.

Just so you know, I'm probably going to do a full song in round 1. I think u should make it so that 16 bars is minimum for round 1, 32 minimum for round 2... etc... whatevs though, I'm looking forward to being DQ'd :)

RRStudios responds:

The first is actually 16 bars of rap only. You'll have about 4 to 8 bars of beat to say whatever you want as well as the 16 to rap. If you rap anymore than the set 16, you will be disqualified.


2012-07-21 05:54:29

MJ, are you still alive?? Are these tracks ever coming out?

RRStudios responds:

Yes, they are. I apologize, I've been on vacation the entire week. Your track is set to release on Wednesday, July the 25th.


2012-08-09 14:56:24

I'm about to check these tracks out. but hey, don't you think this competition would gain more attention if you started a discussion thread for it? Maybe it's too late now, but it would be a good idea for future competitions. That Clabtrap shit blew the hell up once people started jumping on the discussion thread and hyping the tournament. Anyway, just a thought.

I'm gonna see what this is all about and then I'll start voting on some tracks and I may enter your next contest. Peace!

RRStudios responds:

It probably would've helped a little bit more, but right now I was just focused on getting it all going and seeing how smoothly it would run.

The publicity, is going pretty good right now though. I'll probably do threads for future competitions, though.

Thanks, take a good listen, we all appreciate it!