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The 2014 MC Invitational Tournament - Kickoff!

2013-09-05 10:40:36 by RRStudios

The time is coming around, its time for the 2014 MC Invitational Tournament to start soon! We'll be hosting 3 competitions this year, the main one being the Battle Rap Tournament with a $500 Grand Prize!

Battle Rap Tournament:
If you want to join this one, you'll have to create a "Hype" track introducing yourself to the competition! It must be at-least 8 bars long, most people do 16 or so, and it must shout-out or mention the MC Invitational in it somewhere! The top 32 hype tracks will be chosen to compete! The deadline to complete your hype track is December 12th.

Cypher Competition:
This is a new one, with the grand prize being $100. All you have to do to enter is message us with a link to your music, and your MC/Rap name! The deadline to enter is December the 12th. However, if entry is full, you will be placed on the Waiting list.

Creative Works Competition:
Anybody can start this one, whenever they want. The deadline for entries on this one will be January the 30th of 2014. The winner will be decided on February the 5th of 2014. Just get your entry in. Basically, make the best and most creative song that you can! You MUST make every part of the song, the beat, the vocals, and all.

For any all information and more details, you can visit the website at roughrecording.wix.com/mcinvitational2014, or just ask us here!

If you have any beats you'd like to submit for the Battle Rap Tournament OR Cypher Competition, message us or let us know here as well!

Thank you all for your interest!

The 2014 MC Invitational Tournament - Kickoff!


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2013-09-07 10:20:34

Can you elaborate on the cypher comp? As of now it sounds like a "who's the best rapper" comp, but if you want a little input I have a GREAT idea for a cypher competition.

RRStudios responds:

It is what the name says it is; Its a Cypher Competition. You're placed on a Cypher with 4 other MCs (5 total cyphers, 5 people each cypher) and the best verse from each Cypher moves on-to the final cypher. After that, the best verse from the final cypher wins the competition. If you have any suggestions, feel free to message me.


2013-09-15 12:16:13

I can dig dat yo! Sign me up!

RRStudios responds:

Definitely, sounds great!


2013-09-17 23:59:26

Sign me up for the Cypher Competition as well Mark! http://Vinstigator.newgrounds.com/audio


2013-09-18 00:14:30

Noticed you're linking every competitor's signature song. So go ahead and link this one! It's my best track. That is, until I release my MC Invitational hype track...


RRStudios responds:

Sounsd great, Vince!